Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wonderful World of Monogramming

If there's one thing that I have always loved its something monogrammed. I remember my freshman year of high school when t-shirts with the initial of your first name became popular and I of course had to have one. Ever since then I always wanted my things monogrammed. For my 16th birthday I received a beautiful white gold signet ring from my uncle and have yet to take it off, 6 years later. It was only fitting that for my next major birthday, my 21st, that I got a cutout necklace of my initials which just like my ring, I barely take off. The great thing about monogramming is that you can take an ordinary gift and turn it into something special.

At Lilly, we understand how popular monogramming is becoming and now we even offer a monogramming service where you can get almost anything in the store monogrammed for a small fee and you can even bring in your old Lilly wear and have it done as well. Here are some examples of the monogrammed items I can't wait to get...

Courtsey of Marley Lilly

I will definitely be doing this before summer starts...first I need to find where to get a plain bandeau!

Instructions: please enter the initials in the following order: First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial (Jane Olivia Smith should be written as JSO).
Looks just like the one I got for my 21st birthday! I adore mine and can not tell you how many compliments I get on it every day! They are becoming so popular now you can even find them at Pottery Barn

Carolina Clover - Monogrammed Cell Phone Case
Wish I had an iphone!

There are so many great website that you can check out to find any of these products. If you are looking to get clothing or bags done, look through your phonebook first. You would be suprised to find a person in your town who owns a monogramming business.

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