Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in New England

As much as I love the summer, there is nothing that I love more than living in New England during the fall. There is something so special and wonderful about being able to watch the trees change colors and throwing on a cashmere sweater and jeans. This past weekend I went to Maine and it was the epitome of what New England in the fall should be like. Both days were perfectly 'crisp' and I could wear my sweater, jeans, vest and yes my Rainbow sandals (I go no where without them). The fall is the time for apple and pumpkin picking, sipping on hot apple cider, eating tons of apple and pumpkin pie, raking leaves (and of course you will end up in a leaf fight!) and enjoying the most perfect weather of the year. Of course I love wearing my Lilly and bright colors all through out the year, but here are some of my favorite outfits to wear during the fall.

Cotton Crewneck Flag Sweater - Boys 8-20 Sweaters -
Yes I know it is a little boys sweater, but they don't make them in women's anymore. Both me and my sister have them and not only are they comfortable, they scream patriotism and Fall attire to me.

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Brown is the color of fall. Pair your brown boots with your favorite jeans and most comfortable sweater and you are good to go...perfect for any occassion.
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This is why I live in New England! You will have a hard time moving me from here.

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Both outfits are just perfect!
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Perfection......Longchamp, dark jeans, oxford and a patagonia vest. LOVE!
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To brighten up your outfit, don't be afraid to add a fun colored headband. Looks great no matter your age :)

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