Friday, November 4, 2011

It's official I'm a Lilly employee

Some may think I'm crazy because I already have a full time job, but I am quite bored after work seeing as though most of my friends from college don't live near me so I decided to get another job. I thought about catering or bar tending but why not work somewhere you love?! It got me thinking, hmmm if I could work anywhere where would it be? Well there is the mall right near my office building, and there is a Lilly Pulitzer store there, what could be more perfect?! So I applied for a job and got hired! I'm super excited to start working there, my first day is Monday Novemeber 7. I can't wait to be able to buy all new clothes (finally I have an excuse to go over board at Lilly) and to help people find the perfect outfit. Whether it be helping people who are already lilly lovers or people who are coming into the store for the first time, I just can't wait to be there and helping others develope a love for Lilly like I have!

Now as an official spokesperson for Lilly, I suggest everyone check out their new 2011 Restor Collection. I already have a huge list of things that I have to get!

The Resort 2011 Collection has arrived!
Murfee Scarves
Essential to finishing off any outfit

This will be my first purchase

Cassie Dress Slub
Accessories & Shoes

McKim Sandals now only $88!

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